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How did four ’80s kids emerge from a town of ‘lintheads’ to become Charlotte tastemakers?

– Théoden Janes, Charlotte Observer | March 2024


Best Lunch In Charlotte #6

Eating the White Trash Burger is fun for kids and adults alike. The delicious beef, pickles, and onion straws make for a superb fusion of flavors. Covered in the exquisite Provolone cheese and ranch sauce, the burger is food for the soul.

– Arthur Hayes, Family Destination Guide | June 2023


One Of The Best Corndogs In The US

The Viking Corn Dog is just a fantastic concession, with Nathan’s beef links sizzled on the grill before plunging headfirst into cornmeal and then the fryer. The real star of the show though is the Corn Dog Shrimp: Plump prawns, battered and fried in an identically crisp coating, give popcorn shrimp a texture boost you’ve been begging for all your life.

– Brianna Persons, | July 2023


26 best sandwiches in Charlotte

Kinda Fried Turkey — You normally go to Pinky’s for the burgers, but you’ve got to mix it up. Sandwich ingredients: Herb coated turkey breast on a big bun, topped with melted provolone, bacon, basil, tomato & garlic-parmesan spread.

– Ted Williams, Charlotte Agenda | September 18, 2018


21 Best Restaurants Charlotte

The restaurant is fun, rollicking, and just right for “Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives”—indeed, it’s been featured twice.

– Nancy Depalma, Condé Nast | July 2021