Allergen Info

Nothing fried is Vegan or Gluten-Free! Fries, Chips, Pickles, Falafels, Nature Boy, and any other fried items are fried in the same fryers as shellfish, fish, wheat, milk, eggs, and soy. Please share severe allergy concerns with a manager.

We are happy to accommodate your allergen needs. However, those with Severe Allergic Reactions should be aware that we are a small, busy kitchen. Airborne and surface contamination is possible.



Soup of the Day: Varies – Please Ask Your Server

Veggie Chili: Soy, Wheat, Milk (Cheese).

Pimp’n Fries: Milk, Egg. Shared Fryer.

Frito Bandito: Milk, Egg.

Cold Pimp’n: Milk, Egg.

Crab Puppies: Shellfish, Milk, Wheat, Soy. Shared Fryer.

Hush Puppies: Milk, Wheat, Soy. Shared Fryer.

Fried Pickles: Milk, Wheat. Shared Fryer.

Skrimps: Shellfish, Milk, Wheat. Shared Fryer.

Wings: Shared Fryer.

Hummus: Wheat (Pita). VEGAN


Camp Green House Salad: VEGAN

Spinach Salad: Milk (Cheese).

Buffalo Shrimp Salad: Shellfish, Wheat, Milk, Soy (Buffalo).

Popcorn Chicken Salad: Milk, Wheat. Shared Fryer.

Tahini Salad: Wheat, Milk (Cheese). Shared Fyer.

Ginger Tuna Salad: Fish, Egg.

Kinda Fried Turkey Salad: Milk. Shared Fryer.


Served with waffle fries from a shared fryer.

Popcorn Chicken: Milk, Wheat. Shared Fryer.

Corndog Shrimp: Milk, Wheat, Egg, Shellfish, Soy. Shared Fryer.


Served on tortillas containing Wheat. Corn tortillas available.

Fish Tacos: Fish, Milk, Wheat, Egg (Slaw). Shared Fryer.

Buffalo Shrimp Tacos: Shellfish, Milk, Soy (Buffalo), Wheat. Shared Fryer.

Chicken Tacos: Soy, Egg, Wheat (Flour Tortilla), Milk (Cheese).

Korean Pork BBQ Tacos: Soy, Wheat (Flour Tortilla), Egg (Slaw).


Served on bread containing Wheat, Soy.

Pterodactyl, Mammoth, Triple G, Jive Turkey:

Everything Style: Egg (Mayo).

Westside Style: Egg (Slaw).

Ding Dong Style: Egg (Slaw), Peanuts (Peanut Butter).

White Trash Burger: Milk (Fried Pickles, Onion Straws), Egg (Spicy Ranch). Shared Fryer.

Patsy Melt: Milk (Cheese), Egg (1K Island).

Asian Pork Burger: Fish, Egg (Slaw).

Nature Boy: Soy, Wheat, Milk (Cheese), Egg (Chipotle Mayo). Shared Fryer.

Beyond Meat Veggie Burger: Soy (Vegan Mayo).

Wiener Wonderland

Served on bread containing Wheat, Soy.

Viking Corn Dog: Milk, Wheat, Egg, Soy.

One and Only: Milk, Wheat, Egg, Soy.

Pinky Dog: Wheat (Veggie Chili), Milk (Cheese), Egg (Cheese).

Veggie Pinky Dog: Soy, Wheat (Veggie Chili), Milk (Cheese), Egg (Cheese).

Southern 500: Egg (Slaw).

Stray Dog: Soy, Wheat (Veggie Chili), Egg (Slaw).

Reuben Dog:  Milk (Cheese), Egg (1K Island).

El Santo: Milk (Cheese, Sour Cream).


Served on bread containing Wheat, Soy.

Toasted Sandwiches contain Milk (Butter). Soy alternative available.

Da Pimp: Milk (Cheese, Toasted), Egg (Cheese).

Greek Pita: Milk (Cheese, Toasted).

Westside Randy: Milk (Cheese, Toasted).

Tony Baloney: See Burgers for Topping Styles.

Kinda Fried Turkey: Milk (Cheese), Eggs (Garlic-Parm Spread). Shared Fryer.

Big John Grilled: Soy, Milk (Cheese), Egg (Honey Mustard).

Big John Fried: Milk, Egg (Honey Mustard). Shared Fryer.

Buffalo Chicken Wrap: Milk, Wheat, Soy (Buffalo). Shared Fryer.

Ding Dong Chicken: Soy, Egg (Slaw), Peanuts (Peanut Butter).

Chicken Philly: Soy, Milk (Cheese), Egg (Mayo).

Green Chili Pork: Soy, Egg (Mayo), Milk (Cheese).

Falafel: Wheat. Shared Fryer.

Uptown Tuna Melt: Fish, Egg, Soy, Milk (Cheese, Toasted).

Velvet Elvis: Milk (Cheese, Toasted), Peanuts (Peanut Butter).


Waffle Fries: Shared Fryer.

Chips: Shared Fryer.

Sweet Potato Chips: Shared Fryer.

Sweet Potato Fries: Shared Fryer.

Onion Rings: Wheat, Milk. Shared Fryer.

Fried Squash: Wheat, Milk. Shared Fryer.

Cilantro Honey Slaw: Egg.

Red Potato Salad: Egg.

Southern Slaw: Egg.

Black Beans: VEGAN

Black Eyed Pea Salad: VEGAN


Gluten-Free Buns: Eggs.

Flour tortillas: Wheat. VEGAN

Corn tortillas: VEGAN

Hoagie: Wheat. VEGAN

All other bread: Wheat, Soy. VEGAN


Buffalo: Milk, Soy.
Honey Mustard: Egg.
Ranch: Milk, Egg.
Spicy Ranch: Milk, Egg.
Wasabi Ranch: Milk, Egg.
Blue Cheese: Milk, Eggs, Soy.
Garlic-Parmesan Spread: Milk, Egg.
Jamaican Mayo: Egg.
Chipotle Mayo: Egg.
Tartar Sauce: Egg, Soy.
Cocktail Sauce: Soy.
Tahini Dressing: VEGAN
Garlick-Parsley: VEGAN
Balsamic Vinaigrette: VEGAN


Grilled Chicken: Soy.
Fried Chicken: Milk. Shared Fryer.
Shrimp: Shellfish, Milk, Wheat. Shared Fryer.
Vegan Pimento: Soy. VEGAN
Vegan Mayo: Soy. VEGAN
Veggie Dog: Soy. VEGAN
Corn chips: VEGAN
Beyond Meat Burger: VEGAN